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Getting an excellent domain name is a significant step, but acquiring an awesome domain extension to make your site stand out is a vital leap to online branding. Domain extensions selection is a mind blogging task. Particularly, in the current TLDs world which is full of new entries, choosing the best extension require a high level of brainstorming.



Here are five types of domain extensions that will make your site to stand out


a) Profession based domain extensions – Professional associations are usual offline affairs. You are aware of CPA, ACCA, CIM, and other international professional organizations. A similar approach is replicating in the internet world. With the entry of new TLDs, professions can now group up under one domain extension such as .attorney, .accountant or even .journalist. If you are a profession, considering a domain extension related to your field will create a space for you in the internet arena.


b) Niche related domain extensions – Niche based domain extensions are the new trends on the web. Organizations and businesses operating in a particular niche are adopting domain extensions reflecting on what they do. For instance, those dealing with toys are acquiring .toys extensions; .health is becoming popular on the health niche and so on. Choosing niche based extension is awesome ways to make your website stand out from the crowd.


c) Selecting a domain extension matching your brand name – People know your business due to their familiarity with your brand names. If your brand name ranks well, it is advisable to replicate the same in your online business presence. For instance, Apple is a worldwide recognized brand. Adopting .apple domain extension will make that brand to stand out. Whenever clients see a site with .apple domain extension, they automatically know it is dealing with products from Apple. Hence, they will have trust in what it deals with. As such, registering a domain extension carrying your brand name is one way of making your site to stand out. If you haven’t found a domain name for your business you can use a domains name generator to get inspired and find the ideal domain name.


d) The trending domain extensions – Fashions do not trend on the offline platforms only. People’s flavors and preferences also change on the online arenas. Domain extensions world operates the same way. Today, new trends are challenging the status quo. Initially, .com domains commanded the internet. However, it seems as if they are passing on the button to new TLDs and precisely niche and profession based extensions. For this reason, choosing a trending domain extension puts you in a strategic position in the internet world. Also, it is a sign of innovativeness and creativity. As such, your site will appear unique and set you apart from the rest.


e) Geographic targeting domains – Your goal might be selling your products and services to a particular region such as UK or US. According to Google, country-code domain extensions get a higher priority over the rest. In simple terms, when an internet surfer in the UK keys in a given keyword on Google search, sites with .uk or .co.uk will appear first.


For your site to stand out in those regions, using a country-code TLDs is recommendable. As such, if you are targeting the UK audience, you should opt for .uk or .co.uk domains. Or else, you can consider redirects which will help your site to be visible to any country’s audience.

As you can see, selecting awesome domain extensions that make your website stand out relies on several aspects. Your profession, niche as well as the current trend in your field play a crucial role in this course. Also, your brand is a vital consideration when making decisions on domain extensions to use on your site. Your target market is another important element in the domain extension selection process.  


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