5 Reasons to Consider a new domain extension for your new business

6 Jun , 2017 News

5 Reasons to Consider a new domain extension for your new business


The term domain extension refers to the ending part of any web address. For example, notations like “.com”, “.pk”, “.net” etc are called domain extension. Domain extension represents either the country code or the category of the site and at times both. For example, notation “.com” represents “commercial” and “.pk” represents “Pakistan”.


Domain name plays an important role in deciding the future of your business. As domain name is what people come across initially, so it needs to be enough attractive and easy that more people get drawn towards it and remember it. Domain name also effects the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) greatly. It also helps in securing your business and help in avoiding brand piracy. Therefore, it can be seen that one should be very vigilant while choosing his/her sitedomain name and whiledoing so domain extension plays a very vital part.


  1. The domain extension “.com” is considered as one of the most saturated domain extension and so making a domain name using “.com” is very difficult task. Apart from this having “.com” as an extension might require some extra money and while establishing a business, one usually does not have enough money to pay for things which can be done more cheaply.
  2. Domain extension can also help to increase the branding opportunity for your business. Using extension that are more attractive along with being meaningful can gather a good number of audience. Using domain extension that is a part of your business name can a very clever and beneficial approach.
  3. One of the important thing when creating a domain name should be its length, lengthy names would be difficult and hectic for the visitor to remember hence shorter the domain name the better it is. For example if the business has a name like shop “Healthy Natural Food Mart” and making it domain name like “healthynaturalfoodmart.com” would be a little hard to memorize while using different domain extension can help to create a better attractive name like “healthyfood. mart”.
  4. It is considered that .com’s have an SEO advantage but in reality the new domain extensions and .com’s are addressed in similar way hence there is no as such SOE advantage for “.com”
  5. Looking for names with domain extension of .com can be tiring because of it saturation in internet world, while using new domain extension will provide you with endless possibilities.

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