Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting and VPS

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Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting and VPS

There are different ways in which you can host your website online. The three main ways are through dedicated servers, web hosting and VPS. A lot of times people assume it is technical language above their comprehension however this is not true. These hosting services are different from one another thus you need to know how they are different so you can choose the one which will best suit your needs.

  1. Dedicated Servers

Servers are usually either shared or dedicated to just your website. There are professional services which provide server services as well. Getting a dedicated server is always a better idea since this means you do not have to share it with anyone. You get all the bandwidth and the speed. Your websites performance is not impeded because there are other websites using the same servers as yours hence getting in the way of its progress.

  1. Web Hosting

Web hosting is basically how your website is hosted on the internet. A web hosting company usually has special computers which serve as servers and when you type in an address of a website, you are connected to those servers which then display the pages of the website you are in search of. Most web hosting services require you to own your domain and purchase it yourself but if you do not have a domain, your web hosting service might assist you in purchasing one. Web hosting sites have certain packages which you can choose according to your specifications so that you can get competitive pricing for your needs.

  1. VPS

A VPS which is a virtual private server is another form of an internet hosting service. It is a virtual machine which does not have a physical form like the dedicated servers which are more popular. With a VPS while the space is usually shared, the OS for all occupying websites might be different which is why the speed and performance of others present within the VPS is not affected in the least. A VPS uses virtualization for everything which increases safety. Usually they do not cost as much as physical servers but again, this depends on the provider and what they choose to price it at.

Choosing a web hosting service is a critical decision and needs to be made after a lot of deliberation so you can make a decision which is the best for you!

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